Mindful Practices

with Leanda Carroll MSc. MBI

How mindfulness can help us

Practicing mindfulness helps us to develop inner resources such as clarity and stability. It can ‘wake us up’ to aspects of our everyday experience which we miss when we are constantly lost in our thoughts.

Leanda Carroll MSc. MBI has created this course to take you through the process of discovering mindfulness and all of its benefits.

Main themes of the course

Personal growth

Studies from the University of Wisconsin show that mindfulness practices lead to an increased activation in areas of the brain responsible for positive emotions and lowered states of anxiety.

Self awareness

Allows you to slow down and create space between receiving information, processing, and reacting – giving you the ability to check-in with your best self in real-time before responding.

Increased vitality

Scientific studies show that mindfulness prevents depression and also positively affects the brain patterns underlying day to day stress, irritability and anxiety.

What’s in the programme?

The course is divided into two levels across eight sessions.

Level 1

Session 1 : Automatic pilot

Session 2 : Living in our heads

Session 3 : Gathering the scattered mind

Session 4 : Recognising aversion

Level 2

Session 5 : Letting be

Session 6 : Thoughts are not facts

Session 7 : How can I best take care of me

Session 8 : Acceptance and change