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Leanda Carroll

Starting your journey to mindfulness

By Meditation

One of the reasons I became a mindfulness teacher was the experience I had on my first mindfulness course, about 10 years ago. I’d known a little about mindfulness, having read some Eckhart Tolle and Thich Nhat Hanh and I wanted to explore and experience so much more.

During the course, I ran the gamit of emotions! It was challenging, inspiring, frustrating and heart-opening…and yes, it did help me manage stress a little better and to really understand the workings of my mind and my habitual patterns!

As soon as I finished, I knew that I wanted to teach this work as I continued to live more mindfully, and so began my journey as a mindfulness teacher and facilitator. It’s been an interesting road so far and long may it continue!

Getting Started with Mindfulness

By Meditation

“In meditation, as attention settles down, we can find richness in ordinary experiences, in a modest world that is just about breathing, the air on your skin, the sun warming your face, the chirp of a bird, the smell of the earth.”
– John Kabat-Zinn